5 reasons why lawn is better than any other outdoor ground cover

Lawns are an Australian institution, offering a beautiful yet usable ground cover to generation after generation of homeowners. But why do we Aussies love lawn so much? Why do we pick lawn solutions over other ground cover options like concrete, pavers or pebbles? Lawns are an Australian institution, offering a beautiful yet usable ground cover […]

Do I need help to install my new turf?

You’ve ordered your new grass from your turf supplies retailer, and it’s just been unloaded in your driveway. It’s ready to be laid. But do you need professional help? Or is it a job that any old schmuck could knock over? The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. If you’re fit, healthy and patient […]

Where can I buy Sir Walter buffalo grass?

As a good Australian you know that the only lawn choice for your front yard is DNA certified Sir Walter turf. As the most popular turf in Australia Sir Walter has proved itself as the very best choice for almost anyone who wants a beautiful patch of green in this wide brown land of ours. […]

Why should I choose instant lawn for my property?

To roll out instant lawn, or to not roll out instant lawn; that is the question. For Australian homeowners the dream of having the perfectly turfed yard could be just a phone call away. But is instant lawn the best option for your property? Here are just a few reasons why it might be. It’s […]

Why you should choose real lawn over fake

Artificial turf has exploded over the last decade or two, as homeowners increasingly opt to fit out their front or backyards with fake grass. But while the upkeep of artificial turf is minimal, and indeed is its major selling point, there are many reasons why a real lawn represents a fantastic option against a plastic […]